Surfing Huge Waves in Hawaii

Surfer Mike Parson’s tow-in surfing a 65 foot wave at Jaws (Peahi) on Maui, Hawaii in January 2002. Cinematography by Peter Fuszard. Surfer Magazine called Fuszard’s work, “One of the most brilliantly executed pieces of surf cinematography ever.” Peter is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer and director. Hire him and pay him lots of money.


  1. The cameraman who films this deserves a good amount of credit in my book too… I mean he shot this MASTERFULLY! First, he was in a helicopter so you already can't hear and are shaking around, then he managed to perfectly and smoothly frame the shot and track Mike for the entire wave. And his cinematography added so much more drama to this clip… If you had seen any other clip of this wave, it would have been a long shot that shows a huge wave but nothing you haven't seen before if you follow Garrett McNarama. But the way the guy filmed it, he started out close with the wave looking like a small swell, and then zoomed out slowly to reveal it was one of the biggest waves ever surfed at the time.

  2. I am glad you guys like the video. That was actually my first time getting up on a board ever in my life and surfing.

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