SURFING ICONS: Kelly Slater and Martin Potter on Fire at Gunston 500

In this video, we visit the Gunston 500 Surf Contest in Durban, South Africa, with Kelly Slater and some of the Pros from the early 1990s. This classic event is one of the longest-running surf competitions in the world. Martin Potter and Kelly Slater are killing it like madmen! Shane Beschen and Fabio Gouveia are also ripping in their contest jerseys while we watch some of our favorite pro surfers, Shane Dorian, Flavio Padaratz, Todd Holland, Shaun Tomson, Todd Miller, Mike Parsons and Dave MacAuley, go off in the free surf footage.

Heads up! Martin Potter needs to be seen in this video from the early 1990s; the 1989 World Champion is on fire on his signature Pottz Surfboard, slamming these little Durban waves into oblivion. Martin Potter, born in England and raised in South Africa since he was 2 years old- is one of the best surfers in the world, and his influence on the progression of high-performance surfing can never be pushed to the side. Martin Potter is a powerful, fast, radical surfer whose blistering style is second to none. He was one of the main men who shaped the future of surfing. Hats off to Mr Martin Potter. Respect.

We will say it again, If you’re looking for a good surf video, check out this shred session at the Gunston 500 with Kelly Slater, Martin Potter and a host of top pros. This video will definitely put a smile on your face as you watch Slater, Pottz, Shane Dorian, Shane Beschen, Flavio Padaratz, Todd Miller, Shaun Tomson, Dave MacAuley, Mike Parsons, and Todd Holland take down these small, difficult and ugly little waves! Watch as Kelly pulls off some of his insane signature moves and laces the wave into submission!

DISCLAIMER: We do not know who won this event, the exact year or the heat results… we don’t even claim that Slater was in the same heat as Pottz.

Gunston 500: Early 90’s, filmed in 16mm film by the late, great Sonny Miller.
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