Surfing In DREAMLAND! (But Still Not Hawaii…)

Epic times at one of the most majestic places on earth with the O.G hawaii crew… oh and a kite session that was certainly one for the books.

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  1. Hey fam I think you should put more people onto the sickos maaaaaan and just a little more uncut on them but some of the greatest times reminds me of when I was a kid In humboldt ngl🤪😂

  2. I did not know you kite surfed but that was a sick edit. By chance what is your tokoro surfboard (the blue board) dimensions. Sick video. Looks like you are living the life!

  3. Love how you guys are so unpredictable, never know what your going to be up to! So fun thanks for all the great videos 😀😂👍❤️

  4. sheeaah. good lord! love the music and you film life making it look as good as it gets! 1.28 love the zipper shot. 14.22 ouch. good vibe man

  5. Jackson, I live in Seaside, OR and I know both spots you surfed. The second one though, that's called Del Rey beach and it's ok but not ideal for surfing most of the time. I would strongly recommend going to the cove when it's good because it is much better. Anyways, great vid maybe I'll get to see you in the water!

  6. Must say again. Psyched on all day riddums you drop. Augustus Pablo has sick sounds. If you haven't already. Check it. You every catch Reggae shows at the Edgefield? Great venue. Keep sending it JL.🤙

  7. Hey Jackson love your stuff man always positive! Question, I was wondering what cargo carrier do you have on the Suby? Thanks bro and keep up the good work!

  8. Jackson, when you know that the horns you throw actually represent lucifer, it's really not that kewl to throw it every video, multiple times. Why not provide a more positive message? Unless you're a luciferian and you're paying homage to who really pays your paycheck for the materialism that you and your friends are seeking. Didn't think someone would call you out this quick? There are no rags to riches story buddy. Just remember the pyramid is not your friend.

  9. Your kiting skills amaze me, great stuff!! Edit was clean…..and the soundtrack was awesome. You have great taste in music:) All genre's… the way to go.

  10. I suppose it's no surprise, you Hood River guys are making best kiting edits available anywhere right now. Very glad to see Reedin has recognized you guys properly. Looking forward to big things.

  11. The surfing was killer but that was a sick kite surfing session!! Love the grabbing your board spins and landings… great form! As cool as any big wave surfer in Hawaii. I'll have to watch that kite sesh again.
    Hint – more girl time will bring in the views

  12. You are a Gold mine to your sponsors…you are the real deal Jackson…they are so lucky to have you on their team…you can do it all. .what a talented kite boarder you are plus you are a radical surfer, photographer, and all around entertainer💖😁🤙…take care of yourself..mend your little nagging injuries… stay safe…try introducing us to the girls… feature something they like doing with you and Justin…that would be neat…anyway your doing a wonderful service…keep killing it. . Yeeewww😎🏄🏔️🌊🏊🌞🤙

  13. I gotta say I can tell you put a ton of time into these vlogs! Keep up the amazing, action packed content!!!!!!! Yewwww!!!!!

  14. Anything you touch just turns to gold bro! Fire as always. Nice to see the Wax master hitting them waves! And even tho it feels weird to be able to say it, but…. Stoked! for the present and the future!

  15. Glad to see you caught a swell, JL! We just learned, our son, who moved to Kona and is a dive instructor with his fiancé, are getting hitched on Tuesday!!!!! So wish we could be in the islands! Prop cooler than it is in OR, but if you are surfing you are beating the heat! Wish you the best, hope all is well with the Sicko’s!!! Just saw that JB broke a Tokoro on his travels? Sucks….but I’m guessing he is well stocked…..keep living the dream! Peace.

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