SURFING IN HAWAII! || Road to Recovery – Episode 5

Ive been working really hard to get back to 100% and I can honestly say that I feel better then ever! Thank you to all the people who have helped me through this journey of supine survey!
Im back home now long boarding some fun little waves and can’t wait to get back in some serious waves!
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  1. Actually you shouldnt even be on a board at all 🙁 season is over in Hawaii anyway ,so rehabilitate properly actually go beyond that ,dont you dare ruin a dream so many us will never have the chance to live !

  2. Koa, (I'm french so sorry for my mistakes in english) it's difficult to have patience, but it's really better to wait and listen to the doctor. If you did a bad movement and got injury again, you would be so sorry and would regreat it. Patience patience… even if you are dying to go surfing again with a shortboard. Courage!

  3. Anything to do with your back / neck listen to the doctors all day long these issues take a strong minute to sort unfortunately 👎

  4. Listen to the folks that want you to have a long-term career. Then Send it harder than ever and harder than any. 🤙

  5. Howzit Koa….on the big decisions you come up with always " Go with your heart". Good to see the recovery efforts you are dealing with and the quality Doctors, therapists, trainers your entire team. I guarantee that will be the best two and a half month L.A. trip you will ever have. Keep up the good work..Fred A.

  6. ALWAYS listen to the doctors…go for complete recovery for the long term. It'll pay off! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. Glad it's gone so well! 😊

  7. definitely listen to your doctors Koa, there will be many more pipe waves and you'll be better for them. stick to the log for now, one day at a time

  8. Koa listen to the doctors. Had lumbar work done several years ago. Still have to be careful with it. Just spent some time on the North Shore….amazing place! Get well!

  9. i mean just send it now I have second thought about it cuz everyone is like listen to the doc but i would send it U not 60 like those giving u advise haha

  10. Hi Koa, I've been following you for a long time and everything in your videos has always been spectacular. The sessions are great, the quality is fantastic… this channel is absolutely brilliant and you helped me a lot with the majority of my curiosities about surfing, thank you so much. Anyway, I would like to make a suggestion (if it's not a problem): I'm convinced that you can add a really funny video on your channel to show us some of the funniest things happened while surfing or even during other water activities, something like a "oops and bloopers" compilation. For example, you could make a compilation of all of the times where you or your friends get "caught" on video while peeing in the water. Once, my uncle peed in his wetsuit on his surfboard while he was waiting for a wave and that was hilarious, he always tells me there are 2 types of surfers, divers and swimmers: those who pee in the water and those who lie, you can also include those moments in the future videos just to keep having a bit of humor on your channel, you can use both old and new clips, what do you think? I know it sounds weird, but, for me, it's the funniest thing about surfers and swimmers. When a surfer pees in the water or in his wetsuit, I think he demonstrates to be someone who is not afraid of consequences or to be judged. I think it's something that can come out great! I'd be so so happy to watch it, let me know, have a great day!

  11. Normally I'd say send it but when it comes to your neck and spinal cord, you don't send it… listen to the Doc's on this one, trust the process and rehab. Don't want a set back…

  12. Koa your recovering great! Listen to your Docs, little hit sessions are the small steps to bigger steps. Rest and land based exercise follow with good hydration nutrition and mostly good rest and recovery.
    Be safe my brotha

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