Surfing in Hilo, Hawaii

“When we say we are Hawaiian in the Hawaiian language we say, ‘he Hawaii au,’ which translates to ‘I am Hawaii.’ We don’t separate the person from the place, which is something that I’m very proud of. Without Hawaii, I don’t exist and without me, neither does Hawaii.” Learn about Hawaiian surfer Cliff Kopono’s journey to protect his cultural heritage, as well as the ocean that surrounds his home near Hilo, Hawaii.

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  1. i hope you have success. i came back to stop the boat ramp at mahukona and was happy with the results ant there is still no stop light on kohala(2015). i learned today about the north coast of molokai, like what could occur on teneriffe.

  2. "Going out in the ocean we're all the same. The ocean unites us."
    Unless you're a kook haole. In that case, watch out buggah for you get smacked!
    Beautiful video!

  3. Thanks so much for this…my year in Hilo, enjoying Honoli'i almost daily, were some of the best times of my life.

  4. Aloha Cliff Kapono! Hilo, Hawaii, the coral reefs and the Earth are fortunate you've discovered man's true purpose. Keep up the good life.

  5. I'm from a teeny tiny place called Hull in Yorkshire (UK) I watched this and I'm fuckin all in,sold….Get me a plane ticket to Hawaii!!!!❤🌞🐚🐢🐠🏖❤

  6. The tides are really extreme at that island. Sometimes they're hi, sometimes they're lo. How do we name this place?

  7. Has anyone ever tried to play Roblox and then immediately your favourite games owner gets banned from every server every single game in Roblox

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