Surfing in Maui, Ho'okipa beach Hawaii, USA

We shot this video In the north shore of the Island of Maui, Hawaii at a place named Ho’okipa Lookout, which is perhaps the most renowned windsurfing site in the world.

From a high lookout at the beginning of the Hana Highway you have a perfect view of the surfers riding the long waves. This is a dangerous place and it should be taken seriously. Some surfers have been killed on the reef.


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Music: La Wapa (Turbopótamos)


  1. Kook seems to not know the difference between a beginner and a pro. Plus I'd never try to assert an opinion about who's who out there on the PacO and especially with three very different styles and variations of surfing (longboarding, mid-length or gunner, and shortboarding). If you're going to declare someone a beginner on a 12ft board with the least amount of control in terms of turning and still being about to get the thing to ride along a high trim line and repeatedly walking up and back to the nose, begs me to see how you would do trying to surf a 12ft board and post that video to show us all how it's really done in the face of HI Maui. My suggestion: Show more respect….Especially to HI locals… Just sayin'. And to HI: Live forever Hawaii…"Aloha Ka Manini"…And "He Kanaka"

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