Surfing Is Everything: Groms In Hawaii

The North Shore never gets old. Especially when you’re between 11-18 years of age. The Rip Curl USA grom team embarked back to the 7-mile miracle in search of spitting barrels, perfect ramps, and memories that last a lifetime.

The boys and girls got all that they asked for as the waves produced and the laughs were endless. With the help of North Shore pro’s Kekoa Bacalso & Mikey Bruneau the team was always in the right spot to score the wave of the day.

As the trip came to a close, shaka’s were thrown, mahalo’s were expressed, and the aloha vibes showed exactly why #SurfingIsEverything.

In order of appearance:
Luke Gordon
Crosby Colapinto
Bailey Nagy
Coach Bam
Cole Alves
Jett Schilling
Brisa Hennessy
Elijah Fox
Wyatt McHale
Coach Mikey
Pat Curren

Filmed & Edited by: Justin Jung
Go Pro Filmer: Matt Myers

Artist: Jonathankrisp
Song: All Your Favourite Super Heroes
Source: Getty Images