Surfing Pe'ahi "Jaws" Surf Break Maui Hawaii January 10, 2016 Part 1

Surfers drop in on 20-30+ foot sets at “JAWS” Surf Break in Pe’ahi Maui, Hawaii. Located at the end of a sugar cane field this wave produces barrels and some of the best surfing in the Western Hemisphere. Come take a look at some of the first video footage from this epic day of “big wave surfing” and paddleboarding with great wave rides and wipeouts! More photos and video at


  1. Es la historia d un chavo q vive donde no hay mar, y c burlan d el …pero el tipo q hace las mejores tablas d surf. En hawaii…le ayudA

  2. Seriously, what happens to a person who gets swallowed by an enormous wave like at 0:13 or at 5:02? Is there potential for serious injury? I have never surfed before, but I would love to!

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