Surfing Summertime Secret Spots in Hawaii! || This is Livin!

On this episode me Nathan Florence, Billy Kemper and Ivan florancde go circle island looking for some secret surf spots and find some sick waves. I actually landed a little air for the first time in a while haha.
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  1. BTW, are they letting people be people without masks again at all covaids corporate criminal spots? Or does supporting Amazon still require placating fools and their imaginary viruses for our new technocratic slave future?

  2. There’s no secret surf spots in all of Hawaii, but plenty of spots that people don’t surf as much as others:-) nice to see that blue Hawaiian water.

  3. When are the beach towels coming back in stock ‼️⁉️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. T shirt 🚨 How about a surfer deep in the barrel with the words Sunrise shack written above it.

  5. In Australia we are getting $1100 per catalytic converter that is sent back to China………….that's why

  6. I worked for a moving company in Honolulu, and 3 trucks had their catalyic convertors stolen. It must be a racket. Diamond head is the worst place for getting your car broken into too. Mahalo braddahs.

  7. "thats probably good" comes out of my mouth every time i tie a load down. its usually good

  8. Hey its me Angel, I think you should do a rick and morty This Is Livin Shirts!!! That would be sick!

  9. same design idea as “the last swell” shirt design, but instead of the gravestones and palm tree on the back have a skeleton riding a breadstick in a barrel yelling, “THIS IS LIVING!!!” and on the front add the small palm tree

  10. 10 years later never caught a fuckin wave !!!!! I!! cmon bro it ]s for the contewntentet brooooooooooooo

  11. What's up Koa! next T shirt should be "If you ain't Waxin' Then you ain't Livin'" Thanks for the vids. Your Vlog rocks!

  12. I cant wait until the day I start landing airs of my own, been watching the progress, the jump, the takeoff and landing has been just been such an experience. Much love from Bali <3 This is Livin

  13. my friend and I body boarded your last location spot many years caught it on killerdays A.D.s and No Mans Land mostly cause theres never a crowd!!! please try it again. aloha!!!

  14. You know how a sunny day can make you feel a certain way and nostalgic? Thats what this video made me feel. Love the videos pure happiness

  15. I got to surf a spot in the Islands after a hotel employ saw me surfing a spot that was potentionaly dangerous to getting sucked out to sea by the currents. He told me of thedanger and said I surfed well and told me how to get there with a 4×4 I am glad I chose for a rental. He told me to use his name if trouble arose being there . I do not shoulder hop or snake waves but would not surf the spot without that info. Do Not want to upset the locals! It is their break not the break I live at. Show Respect !

  16. How did that new epoxy of Nates on feel? They are coming out sick. 💪🏼❤️🤙🏼

  17. LightHouse is the best spot on a trade swell, and only 6 guys max. Let me repeat LIGHTHOUSE IS REALLY GOOD ON A TRADE SWELL ALWAYS!!

  18. Tee-shirt idea: riding breadstick is living! Not if it was dropped, but makes me laugh.

  19. T-shirt idea: More food, more coffee, straight back out! This is Livin’ (Also, if you ever make it to the Celsius office in Boca Raton, line it up for a Fall/Winter session, see ya out there)

  20. heres a sick one.. some waves crashing on a rock, with a native hawaiian creature of your choice (prefereably a sea creature that lives on rocks? lil hermit crab idk…) and some cool splashy text "THIS is Livin!"
    mahalo ,,,/

  21. Mega Tradewinds Dhd AllenD's sucks, u guys Know Town WAS ON! Tshirt idea.. THIS IS LIVIN! SUMMER SESSH TOWN BOUND‼💯💯😎🥢🍣🥢

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