Surfing the Best River Wave Ever!! (Hawaii)

We Scored the Best River Wave i’ve ever seen! It was an epic day in paradise, Full SurfSk8Moto day w/ da Crew, and many more to come!! Loving it over here on the North Shore of Oahu!!
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  1. Zeke you got something the other guys don't have Charisma ! And some shredder skills! And some of the mainstream music is sick!

  2. Pretty sure your 360 air was the best trick that went down at the river! Suck at river surfing? yeah right dude!! You killed it Zeke!!!💯⛓🔨🔥🔥🔥Best vlog out there rn!!!

  3. This channel blows all other channels out of the water! Good music, rippin waves, skate, bikes, rivers, even popular with the girls. 😅🤙🏄🥇 Well done Zeke, Cheeres from Ventura CA 🍺

  4. Natural shredder. Love to watch your clips fella. Cool to see You, Blair and Jamie hitting the river wave. You guys got it good!

  5. One of the best channels on YouTube, slowly growing day by day. Love the content, the production, filming, music and general vibe. 🤙🏻

  6. Your the best bro! Just checked out a few of your other videos their just slapping bro your very inspiring! Absolutely incredible bro!

  7. Ya braada you know for how respectful represent jah fakn ledge. Job don’t get the vibe . Steh chRgin

  8. Keep it up bro I found your a channel a few months ago and you seem like you have the potential to make it big

  9. Living the fken life homie….I’m stoked just off watching this vid. Keep it G represent SoCal tuff till the wheels fall off 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

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