Surfing the Mysterious Malden Island | Lines To Hawaii | E4

The uninhabited Malden Island – known for its mysterious prehistoric ruins – marks the first surf stop for snowboarder Travis Rice and surfer Ian Walsh on their sailing journey through the Line Islands. With crystal blue waters, abundant coral and sea life, the surf session site offers a bountiful playground to the two sailors. Waves to surf and fish to catch, the sea-adventurers get a taste of remote island life between Tahiti and Hawaii. Check out the unique island surf spot in episode 4 of the ROAM Original – Lines to Hawaii 2018 mini series.

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Crew: Travis Rice, Ian Walsh, Amory Ross, Graham Scott
Footage by Amory Ross for ROAM in partnership with GNARBOX

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Ocean photographer Ben Thouard Invented a new perspective of our world – as never seen before in this ROAM Original.