Surfing V-Land with Jacob Apilando, Jordy Smith, and Nalu Deodato

A solid late winter swell and light winds make for dreamy conditions at Velzyland, North Shore, Oahu. Featuring local and international surfers:

Jacob Apilando
Jordy Smith
Nalu Deodato
& others

Captured and edited by Pohai Müller


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  2. Nalus got it like his old man I surfed with Rama a log time ago, solid surfing keep it up.

  3. Whatever happened to the old smooth Hawai'ian style? So much jerky and flicky crap. Hell, Saffa Jordy looked more Hawai'ian smooth than all the locals. Bring back the Kealoha brothers and Bert.

  4. Very cool they never used to allow cameras at certain breaks like hazards in SLO county it is strictly prohibited

  5. In 1966 I spent the summer on Oahu. Went just to see the North Shore even knowing it was the wrong time of year. Luckily, I scored five straight days at Velzyland 3-5' and only one of those days did I see another soul. It's a cherished surfing memory along with two years living at JBay in the early seventies and Cactus. Velzyland – one of the funnest waves ever. Thanks for reminding me Pohai.

  6. When I watch this, I just think of all those surfers from the 50s who surfed here in ‘58 with those good old long boards. Now the short board has taken over ):

  7. Looking similar to Sunset beach 🤔 With several degrees of desperation if viewing from the correct angle 💯%

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