Surfing W/ Eric Koston in Hawaii

Eric Koston, what a legend! Stoked to run into this guy & even more stoked that he wanted to paddle out for a surf session. Our last full day in Hawaii & we got to score the Waimea River wave with Jamie Obrien, then get a claim in with a legendary skateboarder. Thanks for all the stoke & support for the Hawaii trip & the North Shore dream. Thanks for the stoke! – Ben

Clothes & Accessories:


Soft Top Surfboards:

Fiberglass Surfboards:



Music in VLOG 1547:


Jon Sumner

It’s a Drag, a Blast (Instrumental Version)
Coma Svensson feat. Nikki Gee

The King Is Back
Thip Trong

Not About You (Instrumental Version)
Paisley Pink

Felix Johansson Carne

It’s a Drag, a Blast (Instrumental Version)
Coma Svensson feat. Nikki GeeCom

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  1. Seeing Koston surf is refreshing since he is so good at skating. Just started this summer and its way harder than skating, snowboarding, wakesurfing or any board sport I've done. Also just bought that same round nose fish! Lake Michigan surfing anyone? lol

  2. Yo! I start my day with your vlog every morning can you get merch shipping to Canada 🇨🇦 already I want some swag

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