Go on a search to find waves!

Eli’s Insta : @eli_olson

Film / Edit : @casecolonell

Drone : @offroader_808


  1. This is a little random, but I can totally see you, koa R and Nathan Florence running a full blown youth training center, teaching surfing, martial Arts and all round physical fitness training. You guys all have such strong abilities in dealing with the mind, body and spiritual aspects of surfing, and life in general. Hope you all continue to make these videos, so great to watch!

  2. Yes you cuzzin. Keawa’ula rights is mayjah until you head butt the reef. Keep charging & stay balanced . Kū Kia’i Mauna, ‘A’ole TMT! Aloha ‘āina cuzzin.

  3. Should be called surfin perfect waves…
    Nothing weird about them waves lol..
    Btw, luv Danny McBride.. the guy is hilarious..

  4. Aloha Eli,
    A video (tutorial) mindset explanation about how to deal with rocky bottom.
    That's the thing who drove me crazy. How can you stay focused on your wave when the first thing you see when you take off , is rocks with 3 ft of water lol

  5. You have the best content, just keep it coming. The direction you are going is what we all want to see. Real, no gimmicks, no outrageous pranks, just you being you. Love the KP clips. "hey surfers, nerds"

  6. Woo! Got a new episode posted on my bday!🙌🏾✨

    Once again Eli another sick one! Loved the music and different angles in this.

    Maybe drop in some little fun facts about you in future vids? Just like really random things that make you, YOU. Stoked for the next one!

  7. Rippin and getting barreled to some Black Betty damn epic video and again soundtracks are always on point. Give Koa some pointers 🤣🤙

  8. Again a nice one man, the music isgreat, the wave especially your secret spot are awesome.
    Keep showing your dealy live and your trips, i liked 🙂
    Maybe you can talk about your board?
    Keep us dreaming man

  9. I love watching Hawaiian surfing, both longboarding and shortboarding. So much style and flow. Must be all that aloha.

  10. My buddy runs Vans _Solutions _Oahu, he has some classic old pics of you, Koa, and Jon. Jon is asleep in the van after a fun night. I am getting ready for golden state nabjjf open this Saturday the 21st. Been spending a lot of time on my stand up. Keep up of the surf and bjj content aloha. You should be following me on instagram hah.

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