What is happening you guys?!?! The first summer swell has finally hit the islands of Hawaii. The South Shore started pumping for a day. I also end up on a wild goose chase to find good waves on North Shore. As of right now Surfing is still allowed here in the Islands but that could all change soon.
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  1. Is HAWAII in the Northern Hemisphere or is This 'Other-EDEN' as 'Our Second PARADISE' STATE in the Southern Hemisphere? That is, are the Hawaiian Islands ABOVE or BELOW the Equator? Or do these islands, perhaps HAWAII Alone by Itself, INTERSECT the Earth's Equator, thus allowing these Islands of "HALOHA!" to uniquely share both Hemispheric Seasons simultaneously, even though all be in the Goldy-Locks Zone of TROPICAL CLIMATE all year around?

  2. Whats up koa! Working on getting a trip to visit my family out in oahu. Down to hit a workout session with you on the north shore 🤙🏼

  3. seem like a nice guy, great surfer….but damn we keep telling the world bout how we can surf out here it won't be lasting much longer.

  4. No worries KOA! It's ok… don't stress about it. I personally just love you LIVIN' your best life. Enjoy it now while you're young. I love watching you surf. So SO smooth and natural. True freesurfing. Thanks!

  5. On god I want to hang myself im going to take 2 30lb dumbells and use the to guillotine my neck, Puerto Escondido looking overhead on tuesday at 16 seconds. Pascuales down the coast to puerto will have caverns caverns everywhere the whole coast wherever that sand is framing nicely. OMFG OMFG, and im supposedly dieting about to generate massive amounts of red beef. Thinking about just hitting some early season mexican surf, the whole week looks pumpin, like gerbers pampers baby behind.

  6. Its time to get da fuck outta hawaiiiiii son its APRIL. MEXICO WILL FIRE. So get your gorditas taquitos chorizito chiwawa queso pastor burrito fish taco tequila body ready because its time for that season to churn some massive hair on end early season drainers. I posted this then checked the surf and was amazed puerto having a 20ft face atleast. 12ft swell. Sandbar, you do math. Pascuales will have man standing barrels guaranteed. I bet jamie is on em. I bet jamie is headed to mexico right now, earth ro jamie using telekenesis, go to mexico, go to mexico this week. waves are there will rise by tuesday go to mexico go turn on jetski. go to mexico lol. go to sleep thinking about going to mexico.

  7. Wow .. Enjoy while you can.. A quote from Jordan Maxwell "what is legal today,.. may not be legal tomorrow". Walking, surfing, bike riding on the street or beach In Puerto Rico can get you 5000 dollar fine, or 6 months. This law has been enforced for 15 days, with an extension to April 30th. Head high and glassy today, with great waves on tap. All the spots will be firing for the next 10 days, with no one out.

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