Surfing's Ultimate Spectacle At Hawaii's North Shore | No Contest

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Mind your manners, pack your biggest boards and book a ticket to the Pacific, because here comes the Hawaiian instalment of No Contest. Surfing’s spiritual home has a ferocious reputation built as much on mythology as on heavy water, so for our final episode of No Contest in 2018 we enlisted our friends at Stab to take a deeper look at what makes “The Rock” tick.


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  1. Lots of good music/samples in general on Red Bull surfing…is there a listing/spotify playlist etc…. ??

  2. That is the awesomeness surfers I've ever seen, the wave tunnel makes it through to survive. witch is the pro?

  3. Mason= show favorite, strength–another person. He looks, as Lifeguard= RESCUE. RED and YELLOW. And you, illegally used, OZZY's music.

  4. Again-showed me as a, Lifeguard, and no lifevest? Red and Yellow- vandalism. VAN'D'AL'IS'
    Islander, D-symbol vehicle. Now there's pattern — integral fx=dx patches.

  5. Funny PC's use, tv tubes not cameras, so how did you load a video of camera film? Hence, no parking lot–no house. Apartment Condo. Cramps cancer–leprosy.

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