Surfing the Bonzai Pipeline! – Hawaii Part 5 (Oahu)

It’s Hawaii Week! Join me & Kim for some goofy fun in paradise! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: This was our bonus FREE trip to Oahu this past Christmas! Kim won two free flights and a few nights in Waikiki (from a raffle to raise money for Japan Tsunami relief) and we… Continue reading Surfing the Bonzai Pipeline! – Hawaii Part 5 (Oahu)

アラモアナ,パーク,サーフィン,Surfing Hawaii: Summer Ala Moana Park with Locals Boys

june 2008 surfing summer ala moana bowls. summer swell with local surfers and surfer girls shun murakami, ala wai yacht harbor fishing. ronnnie yamada shun murakami, glenn minami, darren tatsuno, dino miranda, jun jo, nick mita, matty liu. july 21, 2008 go-naminori by kirby fukunaga

Surf Hawaii: Surfing Ala Moana Summer Fun with Go-Naminori

june 2008 surfing ala moana beach park, hawaii. jpsa pro surfers and friends. shuji kasuya, nick mita, ronnie yamada, surfer girls, local boys, jeannie chesser, kaisers, big rights, concessions, bowls, tennis courts. go-naminori by kirby fukunaga

Surfing & Hawaiian Ingenuity | Isaiah Walker | TEDxLaie

Native Hawaiians invented the global phenomenon of surfing more than 1000 years ago. Over the years, the evolution of surfing has developed at the hands of modern Hawaiians. But they have also influenced important advances in competitive swimming, lifesaving, sailing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and more. As surfing proliferated outside the islands, so did other Hawaiian innovations… Continue reading Surfing & Hawaiian Ingenuity | Isaiah Walker | TEDxLaie