Surfing Kauai Hawaii GoPro Hero 3+

Surfing and Exploring the Beauty of Kauai, HI. Seen 100% through the lens of my GoPro Hero 3+. Songs: Local Natives – “Wide Eyes” C2C – “Down The Road”

Surfing Hawaii El Nino 2015 4K

Surfing Hawaii El Nino 4K October 27 2015 local talent rejoice in the splendor of the best point reef break in the world.

Surfing Hawaii Outer Island

01.07.15 Surfing Hawaii Outer Island New Year Barrels. Light Crowd. Stoked. Magic Day. Thumbnail By Doomas Photos Mahalo for the show #KevinSuillan #MarkAnderson #AlbeeLayer #Goose #Randy #IanWalsh #TySimpsonKane #ChrisSimpsonKane #KaleoRoberson #IanGentil + More. Ya Boyz, Charging.

Hawaii Surfing Maui

Hawaii Surfing Maui Local Rippers Enjoying Their Home Break Uncrowded.