Surfing Double Overhead Makaha | Oahu, Hawaii

Went West for some Pumping Makaha. Only Rich’s (@richieb313) second time surfing Makaha and it was solid double over head with some near triple over head sets. He took a few on the head but did well. Please subscribe and check out the merch at If you would like to support the channel, below are… Continue reading Surfing Double Overhead Makaha | Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaiian Summer Surfing

Happy Birthday Mason Ho! This was filmed a couple days ago here in Hawaii. Location: North Shore, Oahu. Surfers: Mason Ho, Sheldon Paishon and Kamo Lasconia Filming: Rory Pringle Art: MAD STEEZ h2o clip: Derek Gomez Jams: Bob Marley & Billy Idol MASH Wear your sunscreen everybody. We got cooked!