Surf Hawaii: Surfing Waikiki Summer Fun with Go-Naminori 2

Summer surf session at queen’s, waikiki. longboard, shortboard, groms, stand up paddleboard, tourist, hang ten, shun murikami, tats eddie, hayato maki, seth moniz enjoying a hot summer day in hawaii. by go-naminori, kirby fukunaga

ワイキキ,クイーンズ,Surfing Hawaii: Waikiki Summer Queen's at Queen's

june 2008 surfing waikiki queen’s at queen’s, hawaii. jpsa pro surfers and friends. nick mita, crystal dgias, hayato maki seth moniz, joshua moniz, isaiah moniz, kelia moniz, tammy moniz, angela maki vernon, , queen’s surfer girls. go-naminori by kirby fukunaga

Mahina Maeda proud to represent Hawaii, surfing, and Japan in the sport’s debut at the Olympics in T

Just over three weeks away from the long awaited pandemic delayed 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, surf is on the horizon as the celebrated island sport will make its debut in the summer games with a party of five of Hawaii surfers taking a seat at the historic table.