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Rell Sunn – Surfing Keeps You Young

In this video, Rell Sunn shares her tips for surfing to keep you young. Rell is a legendary surfer who knows something about the healthiness and happiness that comes from surfing. She was a role model to many of us on how to live that stoke-filled, happy and generous life. Rest in Paradise, Auntie Rell.… Continue reading Rell Sunn – Surfing Keeps You Young

Surfing Hawaii – A Short History

A few old images of surfer history from Capt.James Cook’s 1776 expedition to modern day surfing’s competitions at Pipeline and Waimea Bay. Plus two wahine world surfing champions. Featured also are Don Blanding’s drawings of Waikiki surfers from yesteryear. Music by the Hungry March Band. Photography © Kevin W. Smith

Surfing Rock Piles, Oahu

Vanessa Rivers takes you out on a fun day surfing Rock Piles surf spot on Oahu, Hawaii. Vanessa is a California surfer girl, travel writer and entrepreneur. Her passion for travel and sustainability led her to create her travel blog her private surf lesson company and her LA-based eco bikini line She is a proud… Continue reading Surfing Rock Piles, Oahu

Surfing Hawaii

Oahu’s South Shore is a surfing playground. Enjoy the dreamy sunset footage at Tongs, Diamond Head, Pops, and some glassy Rockpiles shots. It’s the sessions like these that we miss the most. A Hui Hou. Music: La Da Dee by Cody Simpson Check us out Follow us on: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter:

The Longboards Are Out | A Fun Summer Day Surfing in Hawaii

A good day to break out the longboard. A fun summer day surfing in Hawaii on the south shore of Oahu. Subscribe, like, share…Thank you for watching!! Mahalos!!! Follow us on Instagram: @wheresyourboard Check out North Shore surf videos here: Check out surf footage from Chuns here: Surfing Chuns | North Shore Oahu Check out… Continue reading The Longboards Are Out | A Fun Summer Day Surfing in Hawaii