HAWAII SURFING – First Big swell of the 2012/13 winter season. By Hawaii Eco divers

Sunset Beach going off, 15 – 20 feet waves in September only for the locals. Watch Clyde Aikau getting barreled out of his mind at 60 years old + Scenes of a beautiful weekend on the North Shore of Oahu. Video by Hawaii Eco Divers & Surf Adventures

Hawaii Surfing Big Waves SONY 4K

Hawaii Surfing Big Waves SONY 4K amazing swell hits & the usual suspects were out wrangling bombs. it was like the wild wild west out there & all the cowboys tring to land a couple bombs. but at 6-8ft waves, it wasnt easy even for the experienced chargers but when you meet power with power,… Continue reading Hawaii Surfing Big Waves SONY 4K

Surfing Hawaii – Couleurs of Maui

Winter Surfing Season with Tyler Larronde. Subscribe Here for daily XTreme surfing videos: LODO Films Presents “Couleurs of Maui”. The 2014 winter season of 19 year old Maui boy Tyler Larronde… With footage spanning from November 2013 to March 2014 this winter has been one of the craziest! From big waves, and big airs to… Continue reading Surfing Hawaii – Couleurs of Maui