The Beautiful Chaos of Surfing Pipeline

Pipeline is the Yankee Stadium, center court at Wimbledon, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground of surfing. Surfers grow up on the myths of the hallowed reef break, and magazines write biblical lines in its honor while young surfers read them more fastidiously than their school books.

In this video, some of surfing’s finest discuss their first impressions of the legendary wave, lessons learned from how their idols surfed it, and the beautiful chaos of surfing Pipeline.

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  1. chaos- Japan: terrorists- answered, a toilet flush! Look at, that! INSANE– You dropped in, what?
    Japan families? Damn foolish- tokyo hawai- response!

  2. If your ever worried about being bit by a shark, just remember this: you have a better chance of getting killed by a falling vending machine than getting bit by a shark.

  3. we're naturally attracted to anything in life that can serve us the greatest highs….while knowing the lowest lows are a potential.

  4. Covid makes me miss banzai so much, but man was I scarred for life when I seen two kids come up on a sandbar only to get demolished by a heavy hitter wave while boogie boarding.

  5. The chaos of surfing pipeline is the crowd. The diva surfers who think they have priority, rude people who will fight you for a drop.

  6. This video makes me want to surf pipeline when I don't even own a board. Also probably not one of my smartest ideas lmao

  7. The wave is beautiful but what's beneath is SCARY!! How do surfers manage to not injurw themselves if they fall or get wiped out? All I can see is skulls getting crashed on that reef…

  8. Whatever you think it’s gonna do it’s not gonna do…it’s gonna do something a little more screwed up.

    Not gonna lie they had us in the first half.

  9. So awesome. Looks exhilarating and beautiful at the same time. Shame I live in the middle of city and will probably never get to surf, but man does it look amazing.

  10. I surfed pipeline at 10 and fell in a reef im 14 and still cant surf!! They said by october i can surf im so excited!!! Im going straight to pipeline just cause of this vid thanks red bull!!

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