Tow Surfing 50ft+ Hawaii Biggest Swell in Years (I'm Terrified)

This Hawaii trip has completely nuts! First I get injured, then somehow we’re here for what locals are calling the biggest swell in years with 50ft+ Surf & then we score the most epic Waimea River ever!? What is going on!? It feels like the Twilight Zone & I’m limping it off as I go, but I’m stoked to be spending some time on the North Shore & scoring some waves as we go! Thanks for all the love & stoke!! – Ben

Clothes & Accessories:


Soft Top Surfboards:

Fiberglass Surfboards:



Music in this VLOG:

At a Given State
Ethan Sloan

The Pulse of My Heart
Pearce Roswell

Hasty Decisions
Red Dictionary

Put The Place Up
Niclas Gustavsson

Never Return (Instrumental Version)

Juggernaut March


  1. Hi Mark here from Melbourne Fl. Given you a shout out there in NJ. I have a question for you… how would you compare the big wave experience between Oregon and Hawaii. Did Oregon prepare you or set the stage for Hawaii? Thanks

  2. I love when you and Jamie get together. You both bring out the best in one another. Super heavy session but you stuck it Ben. You both are freaking fearless! 🤙💣 I would've dookied all over myself for sure #sharkbait 🤣🤣

  3. James is the BEST Totally Insane but what a way to go man and his friend driving super skills Chapman

  4. Hanging with a legend like Jamie O'Brien has its ups and downs, downside he thinks everyone else is as fearless as he or highly skilled and can handle that will get you really Killed just ask Poopie

  5. Dude ??? The biggest wipe out u have????learn from it . Do not be scared?? Be and gain from who u really should be ?no limits???u

  6. Holly shhhh…!!!!that was amazing 🤩 🌊 congrats!!! Must be amazing just seeing so close those enormous waves, can’t imagine all the emotions u experienced by riding them!!!! Dream come true💙💫

  7. That’s nothing. The guys who were stuntman in Interestellar movie caught a much bigger wave at Easter island location for the film, in that freaking spaceship model

  8. Jeff Spicoli goes Tow Surfing. Remember right before you drop in look at the wave and say " Hey Bud Let's Party"!

  9. Dude, so pumped to see you getting it in man. You truly are living the dream and not letting fear or pain get in the way!

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