Waikiki Surf Lessons for Your Hawaii Vacation | want to surf Waikiki Beach?

A Hawaii vacation isn’t complete without trying to surf and there is not better place to surf than Waikiki Beach. We had a blast polishing our skills with Waikiki surf lessons by Ohana Surf Project.

Erica is a better pupil than me. She was a natural while I needed a lot more coaching. Regardless of your skill level, from beginner to pro, Ohana Surf Project will get you on your feet and surfing the famous Waikiki break.

Learn more about surf lessons with Ohana Surf Project here:

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Waikiki Surf Lessons: What to Expect
00:00 Intro
01:06 Part 1: Surf School Safety and Etiquette
01:24 Part 2: Surf training on the beach
02:15 Part 3: Surfing Waikiki Beach (Publics)
03:17 Our favorite part of Waikiki surf lessons

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  1. I am not a strong swimmer so I always have a life jacket. Can you surf in a safer, shallower type of water? I ask because my husband would really love to do it, but I'm wondering if I'd have to sit it out.

  2. Any Maui surf lesson recommendations? Thanks for sharing all your sweet vids!! So very helpful ☺ 😊

  3. Love this video! Thanks for the information. You said $120 for 1 hour…is that per person or for the couple? I looked on their website and it was confusing

  4. Hey it’s Taylor! I work for Ohana Surf Project, I was apart of the cheering squad (the photographer). Love this video! You guys did awesome, so happy you had a good time surfing with us! It was so nice meeting you guys, hopefully we’ll see out there again soon.
    P.S awesome videos!!!! 🙂

  5. It was nice meeting the two of you at the Queen Kapiolani (valet area) last day of our stay before heading back to Vegas. My family is from Oahu (Whitmore Village). My wife and I plan to move back in 6 (no more than 7) years. Just wanted to thank you for all that you do. Please keep up the videos…we love them. Thanks again.


  6. Hi Jordan and Erica! We are first timers in Waikiki this coming end of June! We were overwhelmed trying to find information about first time family vacation and the current situation in Hawaii, thank God I've found you guys!! Very informative and enjoyable to watch! We are excited and I'm praying to bump on you guys when we're there🙏😍!!

  7. Have also took class with Maui Surf Riders, and both are excellent.
    You both ripped. Great video.
    Everyone can try it.

  8. Car rental in Maui seems to be extremely expensive right now. Do you have any alternate solutions or suggestions for renting cars?

  9. Waikiki has always been the best for learning surfing, as the waves are dependable and the rides looooong. Where I learned in 66.

  10. Hi, I have one question.. I called the airline which is United airlines and they didn’t give me info about the COVID test can take the taste anywhere or it has to be a special place?

  11. Love this video! We get to the Hale Koa on Waikiki on July 1st and I've been doing some homework trying to pick a surf lesson company close by. My husband and our 11yr old daughter are pumped to try surfing, I might need a little more convincing lol
    How did you get the videos on the boards? what cameras do you use? I think it would be awesome to get video of my daughter surfing to look back on years from now, plus she can show off her new skills to her friends when we get back home 🙂

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