WAIKIKI VLOG: first time surfing, shopping + sunrise!

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fave chapstick
fave self tanner
my bed

little tripod
big tripod
studio lights
ring light

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  1. First video I watched from your channel and I absolutely love it! Amazing! Also love the way you film!
    And that ocean view! Ugh! I'm in love. This makes me wanna get a beach house and go surfing everyday!

  2. I think Meg is Gay… She said you can sleep in her bed!!!! And how she acted at the table!!! She GAY… Gretchen knows she wants to sleep wit her..

  3. Your videos seriously help me so much. I spent my whole morning crying at work and now I’m eating lunch in my car watching this video. That’s all I was looking forward to is my lunch break so I can come watch this and feel a little better. Thank you so much Gretchen

  4. Awh this vlog was so cute !! it looks like an amazing trip and i absolutely love the quality from your phone and the wide angle !!

  5. you should have max vlog and then you can like edit it together within your week like you show your monday and then the little clips max takes on his phone or something bc we all love him sm and i miss him but obvi still love you lol but it would just be so cute and i think you should do it we would all love it and it would be cute for you guys also and funny for max to vlog by himself

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