Waimea Bay 1-16-21- Huge waves

Waimea Bay January 16 2021 Huge waves hit the north shore of oahu. Biggest swell of the winter by far. Added some bonus footage at the end from another outer reef here on the North Shore.

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Huge surf at Waimea Bay Live from the Drone

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Big Waves
Big surf at waimea bay
huge surf at waimea bay
waimea bay 1-16-21
north shore drone tour
Hawaii Drone Footage
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  1. Because; in our island, that space of slydz– is never a, bay! In Japanese, it's an airport!
    It connects, with other spots, without physical structure! You filmed, Japan!

  2. Here's some literal, Japanese content– Surfing in Wakayama! –> fits, Waikiki, and Waimea bay!
    You isn't ever, islander! You hijacked, Japanese vids!

  3. I almost drowned from them the last time I went there

  4. at 1:01 if you pause it just right ..there is another drone that almost crashes into the camera..so close…if you blink you miss it..

  5. When I was younger I used to imagine the stoke from making the drop on a wave like this. Now a days all I can think about it how bad the wipeouts would be.

  6. I'd like to take a screenshot at 2:11 and make it into a stained glass panel, but will only do so with your permission. If you would rather I don't then let me know. BTW I've watched this video, particularly this section over 50 times, it's so damn calming from the camera view- great video.

  7. Iโ€™ve lived in Hawaii 3 different times , in the 70s, 80s and 90s … made it through 3 hurricanes! Never saw it flood like this ….EVER! I must say , I sure wish I were there to see these surfers !!!!! Incredible!!!!!!

  8. thanks bro I been seeing Waimea pics since first Surfer mags, this looks like Murphy cartoons….. how can anybody swim there, the riding is So Easy …. best not fall!

  9. Beautiful waves, beautiful water, and a beautiful day. The waves are magical. some of the best I've seen on video at Waimea.

  10. I'm old enough to remember (am age 70) when Waimea was the only big wave. Long before Jaws ,Nazare, Mavericks. Lots of memories watching 3 or 4 ride at the same time.

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