Where I LEARNED TO SURF in Hawaii!! (feat. my MOM and SISTER)

This is where I grew up. This is where I learned to surf. And I love that it’s finally December so we decorated our christmas tree for the second time on my YouTube channel. (over a year of vlogging and i couldn’t be happier, thanks everyone!!)

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*DANC SUFFBOARDS: +1(310)469-2671

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Edited & Filmed by Tina Cohen


  1. A do you know out of all the Hawaiian islands who has the longest beach break to ride who has the longest wave to surf… .. . nothin ever really pulls up when you search for that

  2. Go Rufus!! Is the Go2 a Go pro and the X2 is the Insta360? I missed which camera is which.. The hat Insta360 looks perfect. Much respect to you for guarding our mother ocean for 10 years Tina! I know Jamie's saved a lot of people, and so you must've as well.. You should do episode with the lifeguards where you used to work..Great positive vibrations-– –

  3. It really impressed me that you made it to Ben and Jordan's wedding from Oahu… that's like 15-hours flight and airport time each way!!!!

  4. Aw Jamie is so sweet, such a hardcore big wave surfer and he has the biggest heart of all. Love you both together!!

  5. I don't think that anyone should forget that RUFUS is having the time of his life, he was planted and raised on a Christmas 🎄 tree farm 🚜, to grow up to be a big strong Christmas 🎄 tree, not only is RUFUS successful in his life endeavors to grow up to be that successful Christmas 🎄 tree ,cooler still,he gets to celebrate 🍾 Christmas at PIPELINE,at the PIPEMASTERS house with Tina and all of her cool 😎 friends and family; 🏠 and that is the legend of RUFUS THE PIPELINE CHRISTMAS 🎄 PINE.

  6. Tina. Love your videos. Been watching you and the Cohen crew for a while now. I also live in Hawaii and love all the surfing and the inspiration to get out there and catch some waves!!! Your edits are awesome. Please do a video on all your gear you use for editing. I too am getting into capturing all the fun in the sun in Hawaii and need some tips on editing. What are good external drives for storage editing, etc. love you guys! Look forward to your video editing gear blog soon!!!! Aloha❤️🌺🌊🏄🏼‍♀️🤙🏽

  7. Tina love that u still surf with your mom and the merchandise is adorable and I think u should name the tree coral!!!!

  8. Hey TINA! Loves today’s vlog. Making me miss home (Honolulu) a lot. I can’t wait to spend Christmas with the family. Well, I think the trees name should be MAHINA. My first Christmas with y’all! Happy Holidays Tina! Chee!!

  9. amazing…cause i watched this last yr…last yrs tree was so cool…good luck trying to make this tree better…wait i forgot today is best day ever…yea tina u rock

  10. TINAAA!!! Okay,.. I grew up obsessed with Lilo and Stitch! I used to try and learn the dance from the movie and still love that soundtrack and movie till this day at 27! I would love to see you do the dance so I can see the real one and learn it for real this time!
    Pleaseeeee how funnnn

  11. Great Video Tina…cool to see you surfing with your mom and sister. great family bond. As for your tree name how about JT the III (for Jamie and Tina your third tree together).

  12. "T-Love"! That was a great vlog. It made me smile to see you get to make another video with Sally & your mom. That is so bad ass that your mama surfs! I love it. My mama occasionally got to surf & body board during storms here on the East coast when she was a teenager. I really enjoyed the way you incorporated some of the video while driving or riding in the car. Its neat to get to see what some of the surroundings look like for those of us who have never been to Hawai'i. In a way. Your vlogs are like little mini vacation promos for us poor folks. Wink, Wink Travel Channel producers. Tina would make an amazing host! Have you ever been kiteboarding? Since the waves on the east coast of the mainland are pretty much non-existent. Kiteboarding is slooowly catching on. Tell Sal her hoodie was cool. Yall have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Have Fun! Be Safe! Take Care!

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