1. yeah, thats what we were waiting for so long – surfing with an umbrella 😉 – who has more style than US-1111???

  2. Great song choice! I'm still concerned about charging waves as I get so freaked out getting caught inside with the sharp foil and a $1000 kite. Tricks?

  3. Great video. Very inspiring. I am waiting for my new Hover SUP 110 to be delivered. I will not be in epic conditions like this.

  4. Wouldn't it be more natural if he held the wing in the right hand when wave riding? It could then be held behind him instead of on top.

  5. For some time I have been contemplating a means of accessing the water in low winds…instead of having to rely on a one-design raceboard that I bought a couple of years back (and a sail that resembles a wing sawed off from a Boeing 737). I mean its plenty fun and good for blasting too, but its a hassle to carry (my car looks like a mobile missile launcher when I put the board on the roof rack).

    About a year ago I tried out windfoiling and had some fun but thought that for low winds kiting would be more fun…more versatile, not only in terms of portability but being able to do some freestyling. And it would be a discipline that I could back to since I had 2 seasons under the belt about 10 years ago.

    But I think this beats everything in terms of versatility and fun….I’m really sold on this, at least for low wind days…And I wouldn’t need 30 yards of beach to set things up, as I would in kiting.

    Nice video! Awesome soundtrack 🙂

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