World Champion Tandem Surfers in Hawaii!

World Champion tandem surfers Chuck Inman and Lauren Oiye share their journey to becoming the most talented tandem surfers in the world. Currently residing in Hawaii, the two met on the beach in Oahu one afternoon, and the rest is history. Though not romantically involved with each other, the two have created an intense bond formed by learning to trust each other enough to endure dangerous situations. Listen to the two describe what it’s like to surf together in all conditions, and their chemistry out in the lineup.


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  1. I would like to try it. I do bodyboarding, but this is a reason to try to practice longboard first … and then tandem. It doesn't look easy, but watching this video really motivates me to try it.

  2. Estamos practicando con mi hija, son una gran guía e incentivo, espero tengamos resultados pronto, nos gusta mucho. Somos de MAr del Plata Argentina, sigan asi, los seguimos !!! Catalina y Juan

  3. Out of curiosity.
    My partner and I use liquid magnesium to avoid slippage. What do you use when you're tandemsurfing??

  4. There's some dang cool vintage video now at Wind N sea having tandem contests. It's neat but once it's done it's over at least it's safe so long as the woman does not fall on the board but even then it's not that risky.

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