XL Outer Reef Surfing In Hawaii!

Mark Healey surfs XL big waves all day by Jet Ski at Outer Reef with Grant Twiggy Baker, John John Florence, Koa Smith and More! #surfing #bigwavesurfing #jetski #jaws #waimea #billykemper #koarothman #nathanflorence #johnjohnflorence #koasmith #hawaii #surf #bigwaves

Filmed & Edited By Jesse Yonover
Additional Footage by Phil Kitamura & Erik Knutson


  1. Hey seen a few videos of this day, and by far this is the one bra,coming from an old kauai Boyz ,Blanchards, poo bonz ,irons,stink bug and the big Boyz

  2. Stunning, and just makes you admire all the more paddle pioneers like Ricky Grigg, Fred Van Dyke, Greg Noll, Peter Cole, Wally Froiseth et al.
    How the hell did they even get out there, let alone get into them???!

  3. That looked amazing where was it ??? Also the five people who give a thumbs down need to give their heads a good shake, great vlog Mark respect X

  4. Hoo. Cuz.! Look so fun!
    That board looks loose and good gluide Mark. You rip on that one. What size is it? Stoked for birthday 😎

  5. What a killer giant wave playground. While huge some of the takeoffs looked like a total blast ski slope. Best bd present ever

  6. Happy belated birthday. That was a pretty sick birthday present. Thanks for inspiring me to do better at life.

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