1. I hope you rocked those exams..! This year I got a proper black eye surfing.. when I least expected it, being close to the beach but it was very shallow and rock bottom and I fell and hit the bottom because the waves were super strong! Thanks so much for sharing this. Love from a fellow creator in Tenerife 💗

  2. Hi Izzy, that´s the first video I´ve watched of you and I lovvvved it <3 it gives me the feeling like I need to move to Hawai´i haha so far away from Germany haha have a great day 🙂

  3. omg no way, i had to get staples in my head before too!! it’s really not as bad as everyone is making it out to be 😭

  4. Can you do a video on how it was moving to Hawaii:) like how you found housemates or how you found a place to live etc:)

  5. awesome vlog! 🤙🏾next time you see an 8 year old kid or any age just ditch the board and submerge! Boards can always be repaired 😅

  6. i typed in bilbao surf vlogs and got this as the first choice lol! i gotta say its not a spain vlog but i did enjoy it and subscribed, hope your head ending up being alright!

  7. I totally feel the stuff u said about physics and other science classes, most importantly they are all temporary

  8. What an amazing video as always my friend, enjoyable and fantastic! This is the bar set for my videos!

  9. I love your vibe! Your happiness is contagious!! Do u just strike up random convos w strangers? I find that so hard to do but I feel like it was really rewarding for you! How do you do that?

  10. I heard from someone I know, who was born & raised in Hawai’i, that locals don’t like being stared at for too long.

  11. Just happy to be seeing you again more often. Tnx for always taking us w you. Hope your enjoying the island and aloha vibe along w it.

    Stay safe. 💛💚❤️

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